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Turbina LVIV

Technology Startup

Ring 1, 79000-79490 Львів


Mobile Startup

App helps to typing on smartphones people with big fingers

Ring 1, 79000-79490 Львів


Mobile Startup

App which helps to find a free table in cafe or restaurant next to you

Ring 1, 79000-79490 Львів


Mobile Startup

Scan QR-codes from your favorite restaurants, brands and local businesses to win great prizes and discounts.

Ring 1, 79000-79490 Львів

All News

News Startup

Ring 1, 79000-79490 Львів

Евгений Деев

Automotive Startup

Экономьте на содержании своего автомобиля. Получайте индивидуальные рекомендации и дополнительные скидки на основании онлайн-диагностики автомобиля и вашего стиля вождения.

Среднефонтанская улица, 65000-65480 Одесса

Ecoisme sp. z o.o.

Energy Startup

Ecoisme is the world’s easiest and most accurate smart energy system. All you need is a tiny sensor, connected to the master switch at your home, that’s all! And this sensor will improve your daily life a lot.

Startup HUB Ukraine

Startups Investor

The Startup HUB of Ukraine

Tarasa Shevchenka Avenue 7, 79000-79490 Львів

Lviv IT Cluster

Information Technology (IT) Association

Lviv IT-BPO Cluster is an association of the leading Lviv-based information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that jointly took a lead to transform the business environment in the city.