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WoodRover is a young Ukrainian team that produces unique rovers made of wood. At the heart of our work is love to creation of something new. Our job brings us great pleasure. We prefer to find creative solutions in the production of bicycles. We're burning in desire and creation, rather than consume. We do our own unique Ukrainian product instead of doing the resale.

We employ talented people: engineers, mechanics, designers, craftsmen, sportsmen and simply creative and inventive people.

The WoodRover team's goal is to make the society to take another look at the world of cycling industry, to increase its boarders, to compete with traditional bikes and to find our buyer.

The task of the nearest future is the expanding of the production, the developing of new models of the rovers, including children’s rovers, the production of accessories, the creation of new places to work, entry into the new international markets. Now, in addition to sales in Ukraine, we are promoting the brand WoodRover in Europe. This market is a priority for us.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We hope that the world will appreciate the quality of our work, and our customers will be even happier.

площадь Независимости, 01000-06999 Киев

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