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Mobile application 2Event was founded in Lviv, Ukraine, by entrepreneur Yaroslav Maksymovych. There are 14 people in our team.

We are developing the mobile application 2Event for active people, who like to communicate, want to find new friends and effectively use their time.

With the help of 2Event application, you can see a list of people, who will attend the same event as you! Get acquainted with them in a chat, arrange a common taxi call or find a companion in a train.Do you want to economize on a hotel reservation? You can book it together!

We will help you, among of hundreds of visitors of conference or master class, to find the right person. Arrange a meeting, previously reviewing the schedule of the person, send a private message with a proposal to dine or drink coffee together.

Together with the 2Event, you have an opportunity to sell tickets, post the schedule and events release , communicate with the future visitors in chat, send emails and push notifications, with the latest news.

You will be able to monitor the number of visitors, learn about preferences of your audience.

It all at hand in your smartphone or tablet!

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